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Build Your Preschool Programme

Uniquely Created for Children's Activity and Sports Entrepreneurs

Free 7-Day Workshop


"I learned quite a deal from Gold Medal Coaching and this has really helped me when transitioning and inspiring me, back into dance fitness when covid is over thanks so much."

- Cathryn Laduke


"Working with Gold Medal Business has given me an epic platform for my business to grow and develop. Has taken a lot of the overwhelm out of starting a business."

- Anita


"I found Katie when I was so close to closing my business… I had no idea on how to build a business and I was losing money… FAST!! Katie SAVED my business, she helped me double my memberships in less than 2 months.

- Louise Lewis


Through my experience of growing my gyms and classes over the last 18 years, I am extremely passionate about sharing my knowledge and coaching to the children's activity and sport entrepreneurs.

I knew I could share so much of my knowledge of what works, what doesn’t, the failures, and the successes from my experience over the last 18 years. I was always being asked to help and coach people in their businesses and knew I could help more people. I am authentic in my coaching and real, everything I coach I have implemented, tried, and tested in my own gyms, classes and online brands. I am proud to be in the trenches on a daily basis with my clients.

I coach people today to turn their passion into a business and to create their dream business in the children's activity and sport industries.

I have coached many entrepreneurs across the globe and coached them with the right skills to grow their business from a start-up company to a very successful business.

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