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Your 5 step system to learn how to scale easier, smarter, and faster to give you more freedom as a 6-figure children's activity and sport entrepreneurs.

Free 7-Day Workshop

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Learn how to reach 400+ students and learn how to grow your business to be sustainable and scalable with smart growth.

During this workshop you’ll learn how to:

Grow and nurture your team so your turnover is drastically reduced.

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Increase your profit margins to accelerate your wealth

Have the skills to grow your students to 400 and beyond

Grow you the entrepreneur and to teach you the skills you need to grow a 6 and 7 figures business

Scale your business to help you get out of your business and start working on it


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Through my experience of growing my gyms and classes over the last 18 years, I am extremely passionate about sharing my knowledge and coaching to the children's activity and sport entrepreneurs.

I knew I could share so much of my knowledge of what works, what doesn’t, the failures, and the successes from my experience over the last 18 years. I was always being asked to help and coach people in their businesses and knew I could help more people. I am authentic in my coaching and real, everything I coach I have implemented, tried, and tested in my own gyms, classes and online brands. I am proud to be in the trenches on a daily basis with my clients.

I coach people today to turn their passion into a business and to create their dream business in the children's activity and sport industries.

I have coached many entrepreneurs across the globe and coached them with the right skills to grow their business from a start-up company to a very successful business.


"I learned quite a deal from Gold Medal Coaching and this has really helped me when transitioning and inspiring me, back into dance fitness when covid is over thanks so much."

- Cathryn Laduke


"Working with Gold Medal Business has given me an epic platform for my business to grow and develop. Has taken a lot of the overwhelm out of starting a business."

- Anita


"I found Katie when I was so close to closing my business… I had no idea on how to build a business and I was losing money… FAST!! Katie SAVED my business, she helped me double my memberships in less than 2 months.

- Louise Lewis

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