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Your Power Hour

Dive deep into the transformative concept of Your Power Hour – a game-changer for children's activity entrepreneurs seeking to supercharge their businesses.

Explore the struggles entrepreneurs face when adding more without achieving genuine growth and how Your Power Hour can be the key to breaking free from the daily grind:

Focus on the Right Place: Understand the critical role of focusing your CEO efforts in the right areas for meaningful growth.

Breaking the Cycle: Recognize the frustration of being pulled back into daily operations despite business growth and learn strategies to break this cycle.

Strategies for Expansion: Gain insights into actionable strategies to achieve genuine expansion in your business.

Action Steps for Your Success:

  • Structure Your Power Hour around your top quarterly goal for a laser-focused approach.

  • Focus on one to two goals at a time for precision in your business strategy.

  • Evaluate and prioritize impactful actions during Your Power Hour for consistent growth.

Challenge for You: Find your dedicated seven hours for focused growth. Share your progress with us on social media or via email at We can't wait to celebrate your success!

Are you ready to build your team as a 6-figure children’s activity and sports entrepreneur? Join us to our FREE masterclass - 3 Touch Systems to Build Your Team as a 6-figure children's activity and sports entrepreneur.



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