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What Others Say About Katie and Gold Medal Business

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I really love the weekly trainings and the Q&A sessions in the Create Your Impact program. And also the easy access that we get directly from Katie and being able to ask her questions and get answers very quickly through the signal messenger group. 

The program itself and the modules on thinkific are really high quality. It's in an organized, right, good order.  It's nicely put together in a good order that's easy to follow and makes sense. It's well thought through and it clearly looks like it's from someone who has been there and done that. Somebody who has been doing this for a long time and has learned things the hard way, like all of us are, but Katie has spent enough years doing things in different ways. And because she has the experience, she knows what is the best way to run things making sure that everything is in place. 

I will definitely recommend this program to anyone that is running a children's activity business. I would give it a five star review. I could really see the value because I have been to another program before for over 2 years and I had another coach too but in my opinion so far this program beaten both the program and the coaching that I received before.


Katie is incredible, so supportive and really takes on each individuals skills to guide them in the best way. I learnt a huge amount from the gold medal online training and would highly recommend talking to Katie if you have a business you are passionate about!

Lisa Allen

Gold Medal Business/Katie has given my small children’s business such a huge support over the past few months since starting with them. The advice they have given me has got me through a tough few months and allowed me to think outside the box when we’ve needed extra cash flows into the business.
I am so excited for my new year with gold medal business and can’t wait to see continued growth this year!


"Working with Gold Medal Business has given me an epic platform for my business to grow and develop. Has taken a lot of the overwhelm out of starting a business. Katie has helped with a marketing and business plan and given invaluable advice on branding and personal development. Katie’s foresight and business advice have been invaluable."


"I learned quite a deal from Gold Medal Coaching and this has really helped me when transitioning and inspiring me, back into dance fitness when covid is over thanks so much."

Cathryn Laduke

"I see there’s some good energy in your videos and the content is really nice. I am learning a lot from your channel. All the best with your project!"

Ishaan Sharma

"I found Katie when I was so close to closing my business… I had no idea on how to build a business and I was losing money… FAST!! Katie SAVED my business, she helped me double my memberships in less than 2 months. She is a god send… at times it has been tough, but my weekly calls of support and guidance is what has got me through and grown my business, week on week."

Louise Lewis

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