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Hi! I'm Katie Cannon - 5x British Champion turned 7-figure entrepreneur

With over 15 years under my belt of running my own businesses, entrepreneur Katie Cannon has gone from being a 5x British Champion turned 7 figures entrepreneur.

Where it all started

My journey into gymnastics started at the tender age of 4. My mother took me to a gymnastics class and my passion and love for it stemmed from there. I do not think of mine or my mother’s wildest dreams would I have gone on to become a 5 time British Gymnastics Champion. I also represented Great Britain at the World and European championships on 2 separate occasions. In between all my competitive success, I completed a degree in Sports Science and Nutrition.

In 2008 I decided to set up Backflip Gymnastics after a short stint as a Personal Trainer. I was teaching gymnastics to a handful of children. Fast forward to today, backflip gymnastics is now teaching gymnastics to over 2000 children and I have a team of 15 fantastic staff. Just as my business has grown, I have grown along with it. I have learnt bucketfuls over the last 11 years, I have lost money in premises which haven’t worked, hired the wrong staff just to name a few. There were many times when I thought is this worth it but I 100% knew it would be one day.

Gold Medal Business is born

Through my experience of growing my gyms, classes and online brands over the last 18 years, I am extremely passionate about sharing my knowledge and coaching others to succeed in their business.

I knew I could share so much of my knowledge of what works, what doesn’t, the failures, and the successes from my experience over the last 11 years. I was always being asked to help and coach people in their gyms, studios, and online businesses and knew I could help more people.

So gold medal business was born.

I am authentic in my coaching and real, everything I coach I have implemented, tried, and tested in my own businesses. I am proud to be in the trenches on a daily basis with my clients.
I coach people today to turn their passion into a business and to create their dream business and lifestyle and lifestyle in the children's sport and activity industry.

I have coached many entrepreneurs across the globe and coached them with the right skills to grow their business from a start-up company to a very successful business.

What Others Say About Katie and Gold Medal Business

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If you’re looking for a career that has unlimited growth potential and are willing to show up and serve daily, then we’d love to chat. We are here to radically support and helpo Entrepreneurs in the Fitness and Sport Industry and shake things up in our industry. We are looking for highly ambitious, team players who want to make a difference. We don’t make excuses, don’t settle for good enough, and are committed to leading well. If you are looking for a career that is both challenging and fulfilling, apply to one of our open positions.

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World Class
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