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Grow Your Student Numbers Without Ads

Hello, champions! Let's grow your student numbers without ads! Today, we're diving into internal marketing, starting with Reactivations.

Picture this: your business is thriving, you've got a solid client base, but you want to grow those student numbers even more without breaking the bank on ads. Well, let's get savvy with our existing database. I've got four powerful strategies for you: reactivations, referrals, upsells, and customer care.


1. Tidy Up Your Database:

  • Identify who's not a good fit right now.

  • They might've outgrown your services, and that's okay. Make room for new opportunities!

2. Note Why They Left:

  • Use a spreadsheet or CRM (like Airtable).

  • Was it scheduling, a new school, or a location change? Understand the 'why' for a better 'how.'

3. Reflect on Past Offerings:

  • Consider what you offered them last time.

  • Did it match their needs? This insight fuels your reactivation strategy.

4. Embrace Data:

  • More data, more power!

  • If info is lacking, note improvements for the next round.

5. Get Creative:

  • Armed with insights, craft enticing offers or introduce new classes.

  • Reactivations are like rekindling old friendships—bring excitement!

Remember, this isn't a one-time gig. Make reactivations a quarterly affair. With each iteration, your data will be sharper, and your reactivation game stronger.

Here's what's coming up for the next few weeks: referrals, upsells, and customer care.

We're on this journey together, empowering your business with wisdom and passion. Until next time, keep being awesome, and let's make this week count! 🌟

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