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How to Thrive in the Children's Activity and Sports Market

Happy Thursday! Whether you’re a football coach, gymnastics coach, dance instructor, or any kind of children’s activity entrepreneur, we’re here to support you. If you're new to our community, send us a DM! Share a bit about your business with us so we can offer support tailored to your specific needs.

How to Thrive in the Children's Activity and Sports Market

Today's focus is on how you can thrive in this marketplace. As entrepreneurs, our main job is to rise above challenges, stay solution-driven, and ensure our business is well-funded. This includes investing in mentorship, building a strong team, managing staff, and effective marketing. The key is to overcome obstacles and not let them hinder your progress.

Recently, I've had many conversations where entrepreneurs let market conditions shake their confidence. When this happens, you become a cap in your business rather than a catalyst. To thrive, you need to lead from a position of action and innovation, not restriction and fear.

Be the Catalyst, Not the Cap

You’ve often heard me talk about bottlenecking your business. This happens when you hold the reins too tightly, stifling growth. It’s like helicopter parenting a toddler who’s learning to walk—hovering too much restricts their freedom to grow. Similarly, in business, making decisions from a position of fear caps your growth. Instead, aim to be the catalyst that drives progress.

Challenges as Opportunities

The current market might seem unstable with recessions, political changes, and fluctuating mortgage rates. But remember, I built my first company in 2008, right in the heart of a recession. Rather than viewing these times as challenges, see them as opportunities. Ask yourself, "How can I use this to grow?" and "What can I do differently to overcome these challenges?"

To keep your business thriving, especially in tough times, you need to:

  1. Increase Leadership: Embrace the 10x mindset. Who do you need to become to lead effectively in this market?

  2. Protect Your Mindset: Stay steady and focused. Don’t let fear drive your decisions.

  3. Innovate Creatively: Zig when others zag. Stand out with creative marketing strategies and bold moves.

If you can master these elements, you'll not only survive but thrive, setting yourself up for an exceptional 2025.

Join Us for a Free Business Audit

If you want further support, comment below with the word "THRIVE”. We’re offering free 15-minute business audits to help you focus on a customized approach to thriving in today’s market. Exclusive to 6-figure children’s activity and sports entrepreneurs.

If you’re not there yet, don’t worry! Email us at and receive the right support for you.

Have an amazing day and enjoy the sunshine!


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