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Create The Right Priorities to Get Results in Your Business

As a children's activity entrepreneur, it's important to make sure that your focus is in the right place to achieve the results you need. 

Where Is Your Focus?

On a day-to-day basis, what are you doing to actually get the results you need? 

Do you ever feel like you get to the end of the day and haven’t achieved what you wanted? 

Then, by the end of the week, you're still chasing your tail, and by the end of the month, you feel like you've worked hard but are nowhere near your target or goal?

When you find yourself in this space, it often comes down to focusing on the wrong things. You're trying to do too many things at once. As entrepreneurs, we are naturally creative, with multiple ideas swirling in our heads daily. It can be tough to discern what's a priority and what’s not. 

The reality is, your most important task is generating cash flow in your business. This involves ensuring your marketing is effective and increasing your student numbers, which in turn brings in the cash flow needed to invest in your team and other areas of your business.

Generating Cash Flow Should Be One of Your Top Priorities

For example, if your goal is to increase your cash flow this summer or boost your student numbers, your daily priorities need to mirror that goal. It might sound obvious, but it's a common struggle. Many entrepreneurs feel exhausted, tired, overwhelmed, and unable to do it all. This often stems from focusing on the wrong things.

Everything seems important and feels like a priority when you're an entrepreneur. We worry that if we focus on one thing, other parts of our business might suffer. It's important to get comfortable with the fact that there will always be a part of your business that can be better. You can't focus on every aspect at once. 

Focus on a key part of your business for a certain period—whether a quarter, a month, or a week—depending on the task or process you’re implementing.

It’s okay to acknowledge that some things are a priority but not right now. Focus on the most critical priorities that will generate traffic, cash flow, or increase student numbers. This will prevent you from struggling with scattered efforts.

I encourage you to do a brain dump this week. Reflect on what you have done so far. Be honest with yourself about tasks that probably weren’t a priority. Sometimes we do tasks just to get them off our plates, but they don't move us closer to our goals.

Before you know it, the weeks fly by, and you might find yourself at the end of the month not near your goal because you were focusing on the wrong things. Get comfortable knowing what to focus on and what can wait. Some tasks can wait two weeks, three weeks, or even two months.

This week, make it a priority to supersize your summer cash flow. Focus on this as we head into the summer months. 

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Have an amazing day and finish the week strong!


Founder, Gold Medal Business


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