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The CEO Schedule

It's 2024! Can you believe it? The holiday season has come and gone, and here we are, ready to conquer the new year. We are thrilled about the planning we've put into making this year extraordinary for you.

I will share you the Gold Medal Business’ focus for 2024. As a children's activity entrepreneur, we want to support you in creating success, growth, and scalability in your business.

Reflecting on my journey, I realized the significant difference between growing a business and scaling it. Many entrepreneurs, myself included, faced challenges in scaling because we lacked the right systems, strategies, and tactics. This year, we're diving deep into this crucial aspect of business development.

  1. Team Meetings: Schedule concise, impactful meetings with your key team members.

  2. Exercise and Eating: Prioritize your well-being for a clear mind and sustained motivation.

  3. Content Creation: Block time for creating valuable content for your business.

  4. Lead Follow-Up: Ensure a systematic approach to engaging and converting leads.

  5. Profit-Producing Activities: Focus on the top end of your business for maximum impact.

  6. Active and Inactive Members: Strategize for client retention, reactivations, referrals, and upsells.

  7. End-of-Day Review: Dedicate time for admin, comments, KPIs, and financial insights.

Consistency is the key to success. By integrating these bite-sized nuggets into your daily routine, you'll build a strong foundation for your business journey. It's about being the CEO who makes decisions from the mindset of a half-million-plus entrepreneur.

To enhance your growth journey, we have an exciting accelerator this week – the "Scale to Freedom Accelerator." It's designed to provide you with the foundations to grow and scale as a CEO in the children's activity business!



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