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How To Make Your Parents More Aware That Your Classes Exist

If you're new here, welcome to our epic community! You're in the best possible place to learn the skills and strategies to take your children's activity business to the next level. Today, I want to teach you about the five steps of awareness that your parents, your customer, will go through on their way to becoming a customer.

When you start your business, you may find that you can wing it to get to £100,000 or even £200,000 without too much effort. But to break through that plateau and reach higher levels, you need to understand and apply these five steps of awareness in your marketing strategy.

1. Unaware

At this point, your potential customer is completely unaware that you exist. Their child may not have mentioned an interest in your classes, and they haven't yet thought about it. Your goal here is to create brand awareness without directly selling. Use Facebook posts, organic reach, and ads to let people know you exist. This is about getting more eyeballs on your brand.

2. Pain or Problem

Now, the parent is starting to become aware of a potential need. Their child might express interest in an activity, or someone may recommend it for developmental reasons. Your marketing should start a conversation here, gently introducing the idea and the benefits of your classes.

3. Solution Aware

The parent now knows about your brand and the conversations you've started. It's time to show them how you can help. Emphasize the benefits to their child and build a relationship rather than just pushing for a sale. Remember, human connection is key.

4. Selling Aware

By now, you have earned the right to sell. The parent knows enough about you and trusts you. This is where you can invite them to book a trial or sign up for a class. Ensure you have built enough visibility and trust.

5. Building Long-Term Connections

It's important to understand that this process takes time. Building a connection and nurturing your potential customers will pay off in the long run. When you consistently apply these steps, you'll see your business build momentum and grow beyond what you thought possible.

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