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How To Reap The Rewards Of Your Team

Hey there, rockstar children’s activity and sports entrepreneurs! I want to share some essential tips on how to truly benefit from your team and where to focus your time for maximum impact. As an entrepreneur in this vibrant industry, team growth and refinement should be your priority. Hiring someone isn’t as simple as ticking a box; it requires a strategic approach.

Often, once we’ve built a phenomenal team, we tend to step back and let them get on with their tasks. While it's great to trust your team, it's equally important to sit down with them periodically, review their processes, and find ways to support and enhance their work. Sometimes, you might discover that a task can be done better, faster, or not at all.

Refining Your Team: A Three-Step Approach

1. Weekly Check-ins with Key Leaders

Set aside 15-20 minutes every week to meet with your core team members. These are your key leaders—those who drive your business. It could be your admin and sales team or your teaching staff. This isn’t a lengthy meeting but a quick check-in to review progress, answer questions, and provide support. 

Consistent communication ensures everyone is aligned and working towards common goals.

2. Quarterly Process Reviews

Every quarter, dedicate time to review your processes with your team leaders. This can be done via Zoom, phone calls, or emails. Go through each process your team handles—enrollment procedures, trial processes, advertising, and more. Identify areas for improvement, make things faster, and refine your systems. 

Quarterly reviews give you a solid 90-day period to analyze and adjust, ensuring continuous improvement without overwhelming your team with constant changes.

3. Six-Month Performance Reviews

In addition to quarterly reviews, hold a more comprehensive performance review every six months. This is where you sit down with each team member to discuss their happiness, job satisfaction, and personal goals. It’s not just about business processes but also about understanding their career aspirations and how you can support their growth. This fosters trust and loyalty, making your team feel valued and motivated.

Implementing these three steps will help you master delegation while maintaining a strong connection with your team. It’s normal to feel hesitant about letting go of the reins, but structured check-ins and reviews build trust and show your team that you believe in their abilities. Nobody likes a helicopter manager. Your goal is to provide support without micromanaging, allowing your team to thrive independently.

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