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How to Build a Thriving Business with the Right Support: VAs

Hello and welcome to Go Gold Weekly! I want to share with you one of the most important elements you need to position in your business to support yourself effectively without burning out: having the right support, specifically from a virtual assistant.

My mission for you as a children's activity entrepreneur is to build a business that grows with you and can thrive without you. This is the key to gaining the time, freedom, and ability to expand your business while providing more opportunities for your team. 

My Experience with VAs

Four years ago, I began working with virtual assistants. Initially, I faced some challenges as I was new to this industry and didn’t know how to lead or train VAs effectively. However, I quickly realized that having a VA could give me more time and freedom in my business. At that time, I was exhausted and overwhelmed, juggling a business and two young children. I started small, with a VA working just 20 hours a month.

Fast forward to now, I have more time and run three businesses while raising three children. This transformation is thanks to my incredible VA team. They handle marketing, customer service, and key operations, allowing me to focus on growth and strategic tasks.

Why You Need a VA to Build a Thriving Business

If you find yourself constantly overwhelmed by an endless to-do list and not achieving your goals, it’s time to consider bringing a VA into your team. A VA can help you move from the day-to-day grind to a proactive approach focused on growth. Here’s how you can start:

Evaluate Your Tasks: List everything you do in a week. Identify tasks you don’t enjoy or shouldn’t be doing. This helps you recognize where your zone of genius lies and where it doesn’t.

Delegate Smartly: Delegate tasks like social media management, content creation, customer queries, and development projects. These are areas where VAs can be incredibly effective, freeing you up to focus on growth.

Build a Relationship: Start with a reasonable amount of hours, such as 20 hours a month, and gradually increase as you build trust and understanding with your VA. This relationship is crucial for your VA to understand your brand and work efficiently.

Maximise Your Zone of Genius

Your zone of genius is where you focus on tasks that grow your brand, such as marketing, creating new ideas, and strategic planning.

Before working with VAs, I was only in my zone of genius 10-20% of the time. Now, my goal for my mentees is to spend 70-80% of their time in this zone. This shift is only possible with the right support.

When you have a VA team, you can achieve more in a year than you might in five years without support. It allows you to focus on the growth of your business, leading to massive results.

Take the First Step

If you’re wondering whether you can afford to hire a VA, think of it this way: you can’t afford not to. Investing in support is crucial for your brand's growth. It’s a double-edged sword—you need both investment and growth to succeed.

To get started, evaluate your tasks, identify what you can delegate, and reach out to us for support. 

We co-founded DK Virtual Services, an agency for entrepreneurs. We train VAs to understand the unique needs of children’s activity entrepreneurs, ensuring you get the best support possible. Check out our website here - and book a call.

Excited for you to take the next step!



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